G Tom Mac & DJ L33 – Cry Little Sister (EFR Tribe Version)

This is one of the best moments of my entire life thus far, recreating this legendary cult classic song from The Lost Boys movie with Gerard McMann for what was the much anticipated Lost Boys: The Tribe (Part 2) that…

G Tom Mac & DJ L33 - Cry Little Sister (EFR Tribe Version)



This is one of the best moments of my entire life thus far, recreating this legendary cult classic song from The Lost Boys movie with Gerard McMann for what was the much anticipated Lost Boys: The Tribe (Part 2) that was made in 2008. I was honored when I got the call from the man himself, and was asked to make a new version of the song with him.

I might be a little verbose in the description of this particular song, but I promise (those of you who don’t mind reading more than a Twitter’s length of characters) it will be worth the read!

To preface, what you are listening to here is a new version of a song that was originally released in the late 1980’s as the theme track to the motion picture The Lost Boys (vampire movie starring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Keifer Sutherland). We recorded this version of the song in 2008 for the Lost Boys: The Tribe blu-ray and DVD. It was created with vocals by Gerard McMann (who also sang the original version) and the instrumentation, production and mastering by me; DJ L33. The blu-ray lists me as DJ Lee since that’s how I was known at the time, but I now spell it DJ L33. It’s pronounced the same but the 3’s represent backward E’s like the second N in Nine Inch Nails -NIN-. Too many people were using the name DJ Lee).

It took me quite a long time to start out with just raw vocals, and create a new industrial take on the old song. I wanted to stay true to the original, since it’s such an iconic track, but yet edgy, harder and modern. I tried to tap into a bit of the Trent Reznor that also lives inside my head. The final product speaks for itself.

What you are watching is my video remix that I just completed today. It took me a week to create. In 2008 a video was shot by G Tom Mac (A band of which Gerard McMann is the lead vocalist of). I was invited to be in the video, but after working on this track for such a long period of time, and the videotaping falling on March Break (which I already had paid reservations for in Key West), I didn’t make it out to the shoot. In hindsight I regret that immensely. It would have been one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime-experiences.’ I was so tired though. I was really pushing myself at that time, doing too many things at once. Shortly thereafter I became busy in other things in my life, but as of this month am launching back into the scene.

So what you are watching a new version of the music video that appears on the Lost Boys: The Tribe blu-ray and DVD. I have mixed the video around the full length version of the audio track we created (different from the one that appears on the movie disc). Also this new video mix includes footage from the movie disc the original music video appears on. The amount of work was quite overwhelming, but I was determined.

I enjoyed the music video when it came on the blu-ray, but the movie’s distribution itself and the resulting exposure to the track did not go where we had hoped it would. We were so excited at the thought of a new Lost Boys movie, and that Corey Feldman would return, with a cameo at the end by Corey Haim, foreshadowing what may have been a return to an epic Part 3 with the two Coreys on board. Unfortunately Corey Haim died not long after this movie was released, quashing those dreams.

ABOUT THE VIDEO: Some of the transitions, and effects took me hours to make mere seconds. A lot was done manually, everything in sync with the beat, video segments trying to pertain to the lyrics being sung at that moment, characters used in the music video tied into a storyline with the characters from the movie footage and on and on.

The actual storyline in this version of the music video is different from that in the Lost Boys: The Tribe film. I figured with the song being such a cult classic, I would let the vampire live. In this video, the vampire does not get killed at the end, but rather the fight that ensues in the movie before his near demise, is only halfway through this video mix. The vampire wins that fight and the hero runs off, licking his wounds. The vampire then continues his romance with his new found love. That is NOT what happens in the movie!

I then ended the video with a little tribute to Corey Haim R.I.P.

You will notice the video starts with a pretty orange Pacific Ocean sunset. The characters on the beach running under the pier are from the original music video we released in 2008, but the guy sitting on top of the pier is the main character of the movie! Separate footage that looks like it’s meant to be together. That’s the approach I tried to take throughout. Also I made the sun go down quickly, and the scenes from the 11 second to 30 second mark all look like they’re at night. They were NOT night time shots however. That is all post editing.

Also notice through the video, whether it be the girl’s shoulders shrugging in the shower, or someone kicking their instrument on stage or quick rhythmic vibrations to the camera as the chorus gets loud or someone riding a motorcycle with stuttering effects, everything is in sync with the beat.

At the 35 second mark you will notice that there is a “Missing” poster on a wall with someone in it, followed by a quick stuttered shot of a longer haired guy immediately after. The Missing poster is from the movie. The character with long hair is from the original music video. At quick glance they appear to be the same person. They aren’t however, but my intent is to make it appear so. Therefore the group this character hangs out with from the original music video, gets tied in with the actual footage from the movie. There was a LOT of thought put into this video remix, let alone work. However I am very proud of the audio track itself, and I wanted the video to be larger than life like the videos of the era the original Lost Boys movie came from, plus Gerard McMann sang his heart out trying to put an industrial modern edge on what was once a much slower menacing 80’s gothic cult-classic track, and I worked my ass off imagining arrangements, playing instruments, producing and mastering this thing. I wanted the video to live up to what I feel is a stunning industrial recreation.

Also the first Lost Boys movie is legendary, so I tried only to include parts from Part 2 that not only told a story, but visually looked like they might be from Part 1! It feels very familiar watching this music video, if you’re a diehard of the original movie like I am.

From the 51-55 second mark, the screen takes a “fish-eye” look and then morphs around behind Gerard singing. It gives you the feeling of BEING THE BAT, looking at the band playing and then flying in from behind.

At 1: 03 the girl that was turning into a vampire puts her hand up to a mirror and sees nothing. However in the movie, the mirror footage is actually of the main character’s sister, not his new love interest with bat wings. I cropped and panned the sister out, and diluted the colors down to blue.

The chorus starts at 1:08 and you can see the camera shake with every bass drum kick. That was all edited by me for this new video mix version, to make it feel more intense than the verse. You will also notice the girl dancing to the song, and the band fading in and out between the movements of her hips.

1:38 incorporates a few little beeps from the movie, some stuttering effects in the movie re-synced to the song, and some of my original special effects. The girl sees red as she drinks a flask of vampire blood.

Later in the 2nd verse you see the main character getting sleepy. The song talks about temptation and he dreams of two women holding each others in a loving / but evil looking embrace. With the effect I put on them, you might think it was a dream portion from the movie, but they are characters from the original music video.

Around the 2:08 mark you will notice there are skateboard ramps where the main character is walking. Suddenly there are skateboarders jumping off the stage in the music video. This is all in sync. Also notice shortly into that scene, some BMX tricks are being shown, and then a shot from the movie with the main vampire doing stunt moves on his motorcycle.

Then watch 2:23 as you are led down the cave. I dissolve that scene with only the flames visible and blackness into the hallway leading up to the main villain’s bedroom. The movie speeds it along as if you are a bat flying. That’s why I used the round fisheye effect when you see G Tom Mac playing in the middle of the scene for a couple seconds. It’s how that fast flying bat would see it.

At 2:32 I turned the vampire’s face into art, almost made of lights. Then the next thing you see is the battle. The villain flies down from his lair, and the camera lurches the speed to the beat. A fight ensues and every crash, punch and thud falls in sync with the music. In the actual movie, the main character and his sister defeat the villain and he dies a fiery impaled death. However in my video mix, the main character gives up and runs off.

Around the 3 minute mark took hours and hours. Gerard McMann will appear to fall down from the sky onto the stage and sing. The scene will go from green to red (intense, vampire) back to green again and the video will lurch to the stuttering Charlie Clouser-like (Nine Inch Nails) stuttering sounds in my audio mix. In between the stutters you will notice the main female of the movie in a red jacket. She will morph from normal, into a vampire. The movie never did that, I did that. The shots of the girl as a vampire and as a human are far apart in the film. In fact I had to mirror the image of her as a vampire, lay it over-top of the footage of her as a human, crop and pan it so she lay in the same position on the screen and do transparency and effects. This also left an open gap on the left side of the screen that I had to then figure out how to deal with so there wasn’t a bright white stripe. I won’t give away how I did it, but it turned out perfectly. Painstaking effort though.

Another one of my morphing moments comes at 3:16. I took the footage of the main villain and his woman kissing, and suddenly they become a couple who was kissing in the original version of the music video. That was a lot of work.

The whole middle chorus around 3:50 was a lot of effort fading scenes from the movie in and out with G Tom Mac video footage.

Around 4:20 it gets smoky. Is that subliminal? LOL! Anyhow I added that smoke to the G Tom Mac footage, and the next cut to movie footage also is very smoky and continues the feeling it was all made at the same time.

The new story line I created in my music video mix, shows the vampires getting stronger near the end and doing what they do best as seen around the 4:30 mark. I also created black segments to the beat and broke up the video footage. It gave it a scarier, darker movie meets Nine Inch Nails video effect to it. I enjoy watching that portion a lot!

Around 4:45 you notice the vampire taking his prey, and the main vampire in bed with his love. He has a dream, a nightmare. His nightmare is that he falls to the ground in flames. That is why I made his eyes BLUE, as opposed to the orange-red the movie footage had. He was almost fearing as a mortal in his nightmare, which briefly turned his eyes back to blue.

You will hear the custom sound of fire (multiple layers I put together) as the body burns. Also notice when the leg drops you can hear the sound of his foot hitting the ground that I placed in there, as well as the sound of the fire spreading down that leg as it hits the ground

You will see the burning body from the nightmare for a little while, until I bring smoke into the shot and fade into footage of the characters under the pier from the beginning of the movie. Only they’re alive, and it’s not night time. That insinuates that they made it through the night. BUT WAIT, who is lying among the mess of limbs, but the main villain and his love. You see him alive and well with his arm around her and his vampire ring on his finger as the music and the video fade out. That means those innocent people from the beginning are still alive, but instead of being prey, are now vampires and part of the villains den. That is why the MISSING poster from the movie footage at the beginning of my video mix was tied in with the long-haired character from the music video. In my video remix, he went missing because he’s now a vampire. In the original movie that character is being held hostage to be sacrificed in a vampire ritual.

Around the 5:05 mark, I bring in my own FIRE effect over-top of the burning body. Then the Lost Boys: The Tribe logo comes in, followed by some smoke I put in there as it dissolves into my first short tribute to the life of Corey Haim with a moving shot that goes still for impact by my design. That is part of the cameo at the end of the Lost Boys: The Tribe movie.

The credits then roll. You will hear the original Gerard McMann version of Cry Little Sister playing in the background. However I extended the mix from what’s on the soundtrack of Part 1. Also shots from the Lost Boys: The Tribe are behind the flames.

For those who bothered to stick around for it, after the credits roll at 6:25 I show a short dialogue between the 2 Coreys from the cameo at the end of the movie along with a message. I make this segment look like it was shot in the late 70s. The original movie didn’t.

The final clip shows the vampire eye adjusting between human and bat.

I know this was a long read, but it’s only touching on a few of the details that I’ve put into this week long marathon video remix project.

I am hoping you will all check out the Lost Boys: The Tribe. If you buy the blu-ray the original music video is in the special features. Also check out G Tom Mac who sang this brilliant song for the original movie, and this version in 2008.

Also be sure to check out 99.9 The Electric Front. (www.theelectricfront.com) radio. That is my home (DJ L33…formerly DJ Lee).

The station will have a new website, new features and the station itself will relaunch with some genre changes. Expect just the best of industrial, electronic, grunge, metal, rock and more. Powerful, electric, dark, modern…it’s going to be on The Electric Front.

Find G Tom Mac and enjoy his brilliant music at

I hope you all enjoyed this.

I wish to thank Gerard McMann and G Tom Mac for the chance to do this with them. Hopefully our paths can cross again soon. Much love to G and Tony.

Last Fire Will Rise!

See you all in 2016
-DJ L33
September 17th, 2015

PS: If anything in the audio and video look out of sync, it’s not the video itself but either the download stream or the encoding on the host server. The original is 100% in sync and full HD.

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